IG Live Replay: Charlie Weingroff & Joel Proskewitz

Joel Proskewitz has been working to improve the lives of athletes, low back patients and general population clients for over 25 years.

After becoming a national champion in two of the most demanding sports, Karate and Bodybuilding and with an excess of 30,000 hours of one on one training, Joel has dedicated his life to the improvement of exercise techniques and systems to allow his clients to achieve the very best outcome in enhancing their pain free performance.

An internationally acclaimed strength coach and low back rehabilitation specialist, Joel travels the world teaching and sharing his philosophy to a variety of clinicians and trainers and has worked with 1000’s of fitness professionals on enhancing their skill set.

For the past 14 years, Joel has worked closely with Professor Stuart McGill (head of spinal biomechanics – University of Waterloo, Canada) in the rehabilitation of low back pathologies. He also teaches both the McGill clinical and performance courses and is one of only two people in the world who teaches for Professor McGill. Further information can viewed on www.backfitpro.com

Joel has been a presenter at high profile health and fitness conferences such as the Discovery Fitness Convention and the South African High Performance Institute, giving advice on topics including strength training for women, Olympic lifting for sports performance and practical nutrition for fat loss. He has also featured in leading publications, such as Men’s Fitness and Men’s Health.

Joel currently works with many high profile clients, including Olympic medalists, international musicians and world record athletes. He is the CEO of PerformanceRx in London, UK.

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We had a great time catching up about:

  • Universal vs Disney
  • What brought Joel to Dr. McGill many years ago
  • It’s never just “______”
  • How everything matters & everything is connected
  • How you don’t need to be a “________” guy
  • Confirmation bias
  • Spinal pathology, spinal health, and spinal fitness

Plus more!

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  • October 25, 2021

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