T=R Case Study

What’s going on!

I filmed this 30 minute video talking about a patient that I recently saw.

In this video, I go over:

  • How I looked at the evaluation
  • How I populated a therapeutic approach
  • How I felt about rehab exercises
  • And then how we used fitness exercises

I was really just talking off the cuff and illustrating the whole Training Equals Rehab process.

Best part: I wanted to give you this video for free for the holidays!

It’ll be a little bit longer than some of the videos that you’re used to seeing.

I hope that you and your team will check it out and use it for an illustration of the thought process on how we try to look at things.

If you’re already a T=R+ member, get your free case study here!

If you’re not a T=R+ member, get your free case study here!

I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays!

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  • December 13, 2021

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