What’s Your BS Meter? 👀👀


What’s going on!

I received lots of really good feedback for that post about the free T=R Case Study.

(Get it here if you haven’t done so already!)

We have roughly 30 minutes of me recounting evaluation of a professional golfer that had back pain, what we tried, what we didn’t try, where we thought this was going…

And update to that, if you haven’t seen it. ** Spoiler alert **

I have not seen him since; however I have seen him training with Mitch at Coastal Performance. And he looks good. He’s happy.

Now, something else to discuss is covered in this video that I think is a good BS meter to judge me or anybody who you listen to:

If someone only tells you how amazing and brilliant their stuff is, but they never tell you when it doesn’t work or don’t put a significant caveat, “hey, this doesn’t work all the time,” that’s ridiculous.

I think it’s important to make people tell you everything.



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  • December 21, 2021

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