T=R Case Study – Powerlifting Part 4

All right, part four with our powerlifting case study.

Go back to part one, we got the information.

Part two was some of the exercises we did in an interesting form of evaluation; definitely didn’t go the way we would typically like to do things, but that’s okay.

Part three, we talked about the special exercises, the things that we would use to fill the gaps, all the regressions that we would take from all the big lifts.

But now here’s the lateralization and the concepts, because remember I may never see this individual again, ever. But there’s a lot of going on here and certainly worth it to discuss a case study. Here’s some ideas what I would do because I know that they’ll at least understand because it talked the same language, they at least understand what I’m trying to accomplish and why I’m selecting what I’m selecting.

Want me to cover a specific topic as a case study? Let me know by sending me a message!


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  • July 9, 2022

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