Unwrapping Recovery Part 2

Hey! So last IG post about recovery, we talked about different categories that you can use to somehow quantify, qualify, and create actionable goals in terms of recovery.

When we talk about recovery, the first question that is really very important to ask is “recovering from what”?

So, if we cannot say what we are trying to recover from, it’s very difficult to apply a particular choice or strategy.

The next question we should ask is, “Well, did it move the marker that I was using in the first place?”

(And we said in the first video, those markers can come from different places: subjective, objective testing, technological and medical.)

Because at the end of the day, I am certainly going to advocate, if you have a dedicated level of resources to looking at recovery in this fashion, you got to know what you’re recovering from.

Learn more in part 2 of this series here or on Instagram, and leave me a comment so we can continue the discussion!


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  • July 20, 2022

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