Kyle O’Flaherty is a Doctor of Physical Therapy licensed in New York. He currently treats and trains patients and clients at Drive 495 in SoHo, Manhattan.

Kyle worked as a Strength Coach and Trainer at Drive 495 for 3 years, beginning his work and mentorship with Charlie Weingroff. While working as a trainer with celebrities, older populations, and professional to youth athletes, he saw the clear hole in full spectrum care.

Inspired by his mentor Charlie Weingroff, he decided to go back to school. There was a need for more physical therapists that could bridge the gap between rehab and fitness, as neither field communicated well.

Kyle earned his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Touro College, and his undergraduate degree in Exercise Science with a specialization in Strength and Conditioning from Springfield College. He has specialized in Chronic Pain and Return to Sport/Fitness. His additional certifications include A.R.T- Advanced Release Techniques Upper, Functional Range Conditioning Certification, Functional Movement Systems, TPI Golf Fitness, Russian Kettlebell Instructor. Other coursework includes Postural Restoration Institute as well as TMJ disorder courses.

Kyle's mission is to ensure patients return to a better quality of life than before their injury.

In his spare time, Kyle enjoys hiking, rock climbing, cycling, trail running, mountaineering, freediving, and anything else with “calculated risk” and challenge.