As apprentices of Charlie Weingroff,  Kyle Balzer and Matt Tolstoy are available to see new and returning patients for medical and fitness services utilizing the model created and employed by Charlie Weingroff.

Kyle Balzer

Kyle is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, and a Board Certified Sports Medicine Specialist, licensed in both New York State and New Jersey. He currently treats and trains patients and clients at Drive 495 in SoHo, Manhattan. Prior to working at Drive 495, Kyle spent three years at an outpatient clinic in North Jersey seeing patients of all ages and diagnoses. With a Bachelor's of Science in Human Biology from SUNY Albany '10, Kyle parlayed his interest in the human body into a DPT from Sage Graduate School, which he finished in 2013.

As an apprentice of Dr. Charlie Weingroff, Kyle drives to keep his clients training while guiding them and their coaches with the appropriate lateralizations and regressions, and treating as needed. Treatments consist of a full body assessment and evaluation from which impairments are determined and individual plans are built that consist of manual therapies, exercise considerations, and a solid foundation of education/communication. Kyle is formally trained in SFMA/FMS, manipulation, dry needling, Functional Range Release, and many other approaches, all with the goal of improving each patients' individual complaints and quality of movement.

Kyle resides in Hell's Kitchen with his wife Krystal, and dogs Oreo and Diamond. When he's not training or treating, Kyle is either at a NY Rangers' game, traveling, at a concert, or playing guitar. 

Matt Tolstoy

Matt Tolstoy is a Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine and integrates Traditional Chinese Medicine with the movement-based approach of the Functional Movement Systems (FMS and SFMA). Matt began his career as a fitness trainer where he learned to appreciate the role physical movement can play, not only in orthopedic dysfunction, but in internal medicine conditions as well. Keeping that philosophy in mind, Matt uses a combination of Acupuncture, Chinese Herbalism, and rehabilitative exercise to treat conditions ranging from joint pain to insomnia and autoimmune disorders. 


All Charlie Weingroff Apprenticeship services are provided at Drive 495, a luxury fitness boutique redefining and optimizing the way you live, conveniently located at 495 Broadway #2, New York, NY 10012.


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