T=R3 [Digital]

T=R3 [Digital]


Learn a system that can lead to success using Charlie’s philosophies, and how they can be applied to any model of training or rehab.

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The Concept Evolves. The Story Continues.

In 2010, the new standard was set when Dr. Charlie Weingroff introduced the “Training = Rehab, Rehab = Training” DVD set. The pioneering integration of health care and fitness professional — working together for patients and clients with pain or injury — quite simply changed the game.

Over the next several years, this bold idea continued to evolve. That’s why Charlie returned in 2013 with a sequel: “T=R2: Lateralizations & Regressions.” In T=2, he continued to provided unique clarity to a systematic approach — connecting the training process with both the physiological goals of the program and the neurological needs of rehabilitation and recovery.

And now, Charlie has created “T=R3: Training Still = Rehab.” T=R3 chronicles how far he has developed his philosophies — and how they can be applied to any model of training or rehab. T=R3 demonstrates how a system can lead to success, with a stronger focus on the fitness side of the equation.

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